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Touring My First Law School

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.

            The future can be extremely scary to think about. From your next step after college all the way down to finding the perfect partner, it can be stressful and overwhelming to consider what and who truly makes you happy in life. Sometimes, the future can become so stressful to think about that you may choose not to think about it at all. I am the type of person that is constantly thinking about my future, which is probably why I have anxiety. However you choose to think or not think about the future, it won’t be long until the future is the present and that is the moment you will either cheer because you are in the place you want to be or scream because you are in a place you don’t want to be. Just always remember that you can do whatever you want and just like Barbie, you can be who you want to be. You take action today and this week, I took action by touring my very first law school.

            This week, I had the opportunity to tour UGA School of Law. Before we went on this trip, I told everyone that I had my eyes fixed on a few other law schools but UGA is not one of them and probably never will be one of them, but I told myself that I would go in there with an open mind and no high expectations. Well, of course I fell in love with the school. Isn’t that how the cookie always crumbles? I loved everything about the law school. The people were so nice and the environment made me want to sit down and study with every one right then and there. I have heard a lot of horror stories about law schools and how competitive it can be, but at UGA, I felt like everyone was on the same team instead of viewing it like they were on opposites. It felt like they all knew why they were there and that they all wanted to see each other prosper. You do not find that at a lot of places. Now, they could have all been acting and putting on a show for us, but they sure had me sold from the moment I met the first person to having a personal one on one conversation with the professors.

            When the trip finally came to an end, I could not complete a full sentence without ending it with, “yeah, I love UGA Law School” following an out stretched smile. University of Georgia defiantly placed my future on my mind and helped me realize that my dream is truly to become a lawyer and speak for the ones that can’t speak for themselves. I do not believe that I am the only one that has second thoughts on their future. Bad days happen and mistakes accrue and during those times, you question if you are on the right path. It happens to everyone but it’s those moments where you either fall and let the bad days and the mistakes take over or you pick yourself up and say “okay, it happens but I am not giving up because this is my dream.” No one said that becoming a lawyer or a doctor or a chief or writer or an artist will be easy. You will have people everywhere that will make you second guess everything about your decision but it is your heart that will pulling out of the trance that they put you.

            Yes, the future can be extremely scary! No doubt about it, but are you going to let your fear of the dark stop you from seeing what’s on the other side? 

My name is Kenya Hunter! I am a freshman at Brenau University as a Mass Communications major. My focus is journalism!