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Thanksgiving: A Guide for International Students

Thanksgiving is a holiday time when families usually all get together to eat a warm delicious meal and give thanks for all that they are grateful for.  But, to an international student like myself, I really had no idea what this holiday was all about and how to celebrate it.  I was just happy that I received a few extra days off of school. So my dear foreign friends, here is a little something about Thanks Giving and how it is usually celebrated:

Traditionally Thanksgiving was created to give thanks to the end of a harvest season, but now a days it has evolved into a holiday where you give thanks to whatever you are grateful for. 

A huge meal is usually prepared in honor of such an occasion, and it will most likely involve a turkey or ham. Here in Georgia, sweet potato casserole is a major component of the holiday meal.

So you must be wondering, well, what do I do, especially if you are stuck on campus. Well it’s simple:

  1. Talk to other international students who will most likely be on campus and plan to go out for a meal together.  Sometimes being surrounded by people during this holiday is all that you really need.

  2. If you want some alone time, then spoil yourself.  Order in some of your favorite food or go out.

  3. During that week, take some time out of your schedule to say thank you to some of the people who have really made your time in the United States a blast.  Trust me, even a quick ‘Thank you for everything you have done for me,’ will make a person feel appreciated.

Freshman Communication major at Brenau. I am on the dance team and HC Brenau.
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