Everyone has a summer staple like their go to piece which makes getting dressed so much better during these hot months. For me, it’s a little black romper from H&M that I feel goes with everything. Your summer staple could be a handbag, visor or even a piece of jewelry. It’s something you simply could not go without during the summer. Here’s the answers a few college students gave when asking what is their summer staples:

Arianna Holmes: I always throw on a hat, it's quick and cute especially on bad hair days. A bodycon is also a must have! Bodycon dresses can act as something relaxed or something really dressed up. I can put a cardigan or blazer over it and wear it to work or take the cardigan off and go out for the night, or just throw on a hat and hang out with my friends.

Andrew Roberts: I like to be relaxed when I dress which is why I always where my favorite t-shirts to stay cool and comfortable. A lot of guys wear cut off shorts, but I bring something new to the table with my green ones. The different color sets me apart and matches my outfit better than the basic grey ones most men wear.

Charles Moore: Basketball is my life so cut off shorts are a good go to because I can wear them to work out and just to hang out.

Nidajzha Tennyson: My white peplum shirt is versatile and I can put it on with shorts and be casual or put it on with a nicer bottom and dress it up. My distressed jeans also get a lot of wear because they keep me cool without having to put on shorts. And I can’t forget about my Birkenstocks! They go with everything and come in so many different colors and patterns.