The Power of Netflix

Everyone enjoys a nice break every once in a while and we generally turn towards one particular website to distract ourselves from reality. Which website might that be? Netflix. 

We all have that one movie or show that we just have to binge-watch straight through to the end, and Netflix has just about everything, so why would we try anywhere else? Let's face it, Netflix is the only place that is almost always guaranteed to help you escape from reality. Whether it's a bad day or you are just overly exhausted from working around the house or with school work, Netflix is easily capable to derail your mind.

The past three weeks or so, I have been watching Vampire Diaries to help me escape the reality of so many different health issues that I have been dealing with. Honestly, if Netflix was never invented, I would have probably lost my mind by now. I know sleep is always a nice way to make yourself feel better, but sometimes, you just need that conscious escape. If it weren't for the creator of Netflix, we probably would not have this amazing getaway. 

Even if you don't have your own account, you most likely know someone who does, and if you're lucky, they just might share their account with you. I was never able to have my own account, so just recently, I was able to get on one of my best friends account, and the only time I really get off of it is to go to class, tackle homework or sleep. Other than that, I am always on Netflix, and it has really helped my sanity. I am a person who needs to be out and about, but since that has not been very possible this month, I have resulted in an escape to Netflix. Honestly, if it weren't for Netflix, I'd probably making myself feel worse by hanging off of my bed, so thank you Netflix; you truly are a wonderful invention.