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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.
“Un seul être vous manque, et tout est dépeuplé. Sometimes only one person’s missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.” -Lamartine

Lots of us might feel desperate seeing friends or family building projects. Getting engaged, going on a date…and we all try to reassure ourselves by saying that Valentine’s Day is commercial and hypocritical. Still, to those who have not found love yet, here is a little idea to what is coming for you.

Love is the selfish and painful desire to be constantly in the company of the loved one, to be as one with him, even if it means imprisoning him sometimes. It is a heartache at every smile, at everytime you catch a glimpse of him in a corridor, at everytime you share a laugh and the purest enjoyment at the simplest contact. It is the sick doubt, the loss of self-respect, the questioning which intervene every time. Love, or a violent intoxication in the slightest eye contact, the stomach in knots, the fire in the pit of the insides and frayed nerves. Everything is important, everything is serious, but if we happened to be by his side, nothing else matters. You might be stuck hours in the cold, in the loneliest place or in the idlest assembly, everything becomes more brighter when the other one is there.

A demon doing so good, a life-saving poison. Something suffocating and will not let go once it is settled. Because it gives no breaks. Because it haunts the thoughts, every figure takes the shape of his, it flows into his veins and sneaks under the skin. It is deceitful because it draws signs where there is nothing. It gives bravery, wings, euphoria, and nevertheless, the anxiety is always there, in the shadows, waiting for anything to chew on.

Real love is worth all the sacrifices, all the most childish feelings, all the most terrible thoughts, because passion has no laws. It is impossible to prevent. It is impossible to slow down the thread of thoughts when the other one is there.     

Its presence is compelling yet torturous.

It is a marvellous and hideous disease.

So just be patient.

Soon, you will be contaminated too.

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