Offically Driving Men Crazy

Women have a lot of power and sometimes I don’t even think we realize it. It is the way we walk. It is the way we dress. It is the way we hold our posture. It is the way we grab every one’s attention when we walk into the room. It is even the power that we have to become independent and strong that scares men. The strength and power we have makes men and people that stand above us terrified. They try to take away simple rights to captivate our mind and to fall silent under things that aren’t right. They tried to take away voting rights. They tried to take away education. They even tried to take away driving. They didn’t get very far but women are going far because now the women in Saudi Arabia are officially able to drive them crazy. (They/them=men)

After many years of being shepherd around by men without even a drop of independence or privacy, on September 26, 2017 women in Saudi Arabia finally have the right to get a driver’s licenses and drive! This day made history for these women. I mean just imagine being driven everywhere you go. Imagine not being able to go to the grocery store or take your kids to school. If you couldn’t afford to get someone to drive you, you either walked or stayed in the house. In America, we take this simple privilege for granted. We think that getting an education, freedom of clothing, and driving is a grantee but in other countries it is a blessing, unheard of, amazing because women do not receive the same things we do. 

When I saw the news about the amazing progress that Saudi Arabia is making it literally brought joy to my heart. A lot of people had different reactions but all women had the same: pure excitement. Women who are excited for the future because they know it only takes one drop of rain before it starts to pour and once women start pouring, a flood is bound to happen. It only takes one pebble to create a ripple and I have hope that a lot more change is about to come. Maybe this will even pros way other countries to rip their chains off of women and allow them the equal rights of a man.

Going to a women’s college really helped me become more in tuned with my feminist side. Whenever I see women supporting women or women rising above the stereotype, I cry a little in side, of course tears of joy, but this news gave me hope for my generation that we can make a change. That we have the ability to drive men crazy! Congratulations Saudi Arabia, keep fighting sistas!