"New Year, New Diet?"

“New Year, New Diet?” 

Hello 2018, I’ve been waiting for you some time now and I am more than excited that you are here. Well, since it’s a new year, I figured that I would try to better some new things and try new things that just may benefit me. I’ve never really been one to eat the healthiest but I was always active and I still am. As a dancer, you’re told that you should maintain a healthy and stereotypical “dancer’s body.” When I was in high school, I would always try my hardest to maintain a “dancer’s body” and truth is I never had it. But, growing up into adulthood now, I realize just because I’m not the slimmest dancer does not mean I am not maintaining a healthy diet. The crazy thing is that I would always eat anything that I wanted no matter the time of the day and I would just go work out so hard because I never wanted to put on any extra weight. I would always wonder why I could never reach the perfect dancer’s body, but now I am a little bit more interested in maintain good health.  So, instead of eating whatever and whenever I want, this year I am going to try to maintain a healthier diet. Now, whenever I decide that I want a quick snack, I will choose an apple over Cheetos. I will still workout weekly but I am going to stop eating past a certain time and I will actually eat more. Instead of just eating cereal once a day then going through the rest of the day without eating, I will have a schedule for my eating times and what I should exactly eat. My dance instructor, my father, my friends, my boyfriend, and most of all my mother, would always get onto me about how I am not eating or not eating enough and I would never hear the end of how not eating regularly isn’t healthy for me. So 2018, I have vowed to myself to have a healthier diet and I am excited for the outcomes. 

Azayla B. Rodriguez