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Meet Corrina Redford

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.

We all have a favorite movie, maybe it was the actors, the story, or the emotion that makes it your favorite. For Corrina Marie Redford her favorite movie means much more to her. The movie Hairspray is her favorite and not just because of Zac Efron singing. You see, Corrina is a theater major and gives a lot of credit to the movie for being the reason she is.

Corrina is a Junior at Brenau studying Theater with an emphasis in Performance and a concentration in Make-Up design. Corrina is heavily involved on campus and is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Greek Council, Alpha Psi Omega, Student Ambassadors, and is a Golden Star. She is also working backstage during Gainesville Theater Alliances (GTA) production of Mary Poppins this month!

Corrina wants to stay at Brenau after she graduates and get her masters in teaching. After that she hopes to be a Leadership Consultant for her sorority; and then either perform or teach!The Indiana native grew up in Jonesboro, Ga and credits her high school drama teacher for helping her discover who she is as an actress. She also credits Rachel Berry, of Glee, for helping her realize she didn’t want to go to New York. And her Mom for being a big part of who she is today.

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