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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.

            All our lives we have been asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”. All our lives, our answers have changed from firefighter to nurse to mom to undecided and now that we are finally actually “growing up”, I believe many can say that we just want to be happy when parents and adults stop asking us what do we want to be.

            When we were younger, we use to be so confident in our answers no matter what it was. Our dreams of being a dog or GI-Joe never seemed too big and our parents encouraged us to be these things. I remember these days and I think about when did my dreams get crushed. When did I stop believing in myself that I could actually be a writer? All of these questions consumed my mind when I watched 5 -year-old Jathan Muhar graduate from pre-school and when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said “I want to be Batman.” The whole room jumped to their feet as he confidently walked off the stage with his mini diploma and in that moment, I questioned when will his dreams get crushed. And then I started to think why should they. Why can’t this 5-year-old be Batman when he grows up? And no I know not actually Batman but Batman in his own way.

             Being Batman in the way of saving others from distress. Batman in the way of standing up for what is right. Batman in the way of protecting others from harm. Batman in the way of being brave and courage’s. He can be Batman. Yes, I know none of these things make money but is that the final distention when you are done growing up? Having a lot of money? No, it isn’t. It is how you make people feel. It is your ever-lasting impression you have left behind on others. It is happiness. Are you happy when you are done growing up? That is the question we need ask ourselves.

            Coming to college, it can be very difficult. You are still trying to find yourself. Coming in as a freshman, everyone is asking you what you want to be when you are asked to choose your major. You get this piece of paper and they ask you to put down your interest and in this moment, you make the decision of what you truly want to do and want to be for the rest of your life…. How can you know? At this age, we are constantly changing and growing every day. This is such a big decision to make but it does not have to be this hard. It shouldn’t have to be this hard. The next time someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, close your eyes and think about your 5-year-old self. Think about how excited and eager you were for the future and say what you want. Say what is in your heart and always remember if that does not work out, just be your own Batman. 

My name is Kenya Hunter! I am a freshman at Brenau University as a Mass Communications major. My focus is journalism!