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I Became A Business Owner In College?

When you do what seems like everything, it may seem frustrating, but you also learn how to manage everything and how to keep your life on track. I figured out how to do just that and started my own business. I help other women grow their businesses, and I get to work with one of the things I love most in this world: makeup!

I love that I can expand my collection more and more, and the business truly pays for itself. While I may have just started my business, I have already grown so much as a person, and I cannot wait to see how far my business expands. I love being able to help people out and this opportunity is really making that happen. Not to mention, I'm becoming more knowledgeable about the makeup industry, and I love it more and more every day. I couldn't be happier after starting my own business. 

So many people are supporting me in this decision, too, and that truly means a lot, so shout out to you guys! You're awesome! Thank you so much!

Being able to make my own hours makes it even better because I do so much as it is. If I don't do something one day, that's fine because I don't have a strict deadline. It's my business, and I get to run it how I want to. Running your own business not only helps you grow as a person, but it also helps you become more independent in life, and I love that. I could not be more grateful for starting my makeup business, and I look forward to continuing for years to come.

Avery Dill

Brenau '21

I am a Mass Communications major and Music minor sophomore/junior at Brenau University. I am also the Senior Editor for the HC Brenau chapter,  an HC Campus Trendsetter, HC Chapter Advisor, and an HC Campus Expansion Assistant.
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