Food as Entertainment, How?

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Let’s us pose the question “What is entertainment?” first. Entertainment is perceived in many different ways to different people. It’s something that has a different meaning throughout every individual of the world. Entertainment is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. This means that entertainment is suppose to bring joy to you in that moment and make you happy. The crazy thing is that people can entertained by anything, especially food. I know, that’s crazy right?  Some people are like “Why would food be a form of entertainment?”, obviously, because people love food. Believe it or not, food can actually set a person's mood and energy like any other form of entertainment, such as music. Now, give it a minute and just think about it. After a long, busy day of school, a sport, a job, or whatever it may be, food is the best way to top it all off. I know every time I’m hungry and I’m about to eat, I always do this little happy dance when I finally eat, get, or even order my food. It always brings the utmost excitement into my life and it’s just a simple thing. Hopefully, you can now see why food is a form of entertainment. It can radiate feelings in so many different. Image result for people around food being happy