But...I Love Them!

Most of us have experienced a moment in time which we knew that a relationship was no longer serving a purpose. For whatever reason, we continue to hold on to the relationship. Generally, people stay in unfulfilling or “toxic” relationships for a number of reasons that could include being comfortable with being unsatisfied, manipulation, kids, the time invested, and low-self- esteem. Not only does this behavior affect the relationships with those who we are intimate with, but also with the individuals who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

What’s your definition of love? It seems as though everyone defines love in various ways, depending on their past experiences, what they hear, and their perception of what “real love” is or looks like. This four-letter word that describes intense feelings can drive an individual insane but could also lead to a path of emotional destruction. The crazy part about this simple, but complex word is that it exists in the reward center of the brain – which is the exact same place of someone who is addicted to a drug like heroin or cocaine.

Why do we put ourselves through so much agony, knowing that certain relationships are the death of us? Deep down you begin to feel the power struggle between your heart and your head. Your heart leads you to consuming thoughts such as; “but I love this person, we have too much time invested, or I’ll never find someone else that will accept me the way he/she does” and etc… while your head tells you to leave the fool, and that you can do bad all by yourself.

Staying in toxic relationships are useless and will most likely hold you back from becoming the person you were meant to be. Accepting less, when you deserve more (relationships, friendships or otherwise) – ain’t nobody got time for that! Period. Do you boo, and the rest will fall into place. Encountering negative experiences and being around people that suck the life out of you will only serve as lessons to help you make better, and more positive decisions.