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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.

Face it. We all get tired. Sometimes, we are just too tired to actually do something with our hair. We know we need to do something because we cannot just walk to class with a bedhead afro. So, to help all of you lovely ladies who are way too tired to do something with your hair, I have come up with a list of my favorite styles.

1. Just add an accessory.

Believe it or not, an accessory can make all of the difference. Just pop in a headband or your favorite hairbow. Bam! Your hair is done and presentable. Throw on some natural makeup, and you are good to head to that dreaded 8:00 or 9:30 class.

2. When in doubt, braid it out.

Bring all of your hair to one side, and separate it into three even sections. Cross each outer section over the middle and continue that process as far down as possible. Secure with a hair elastic. Leave it as is or lightly tug at the edges of your braid to fluff it up a little bit. What an easy classic yet sporty and girly look?

3. Tie up only half of your hair.

We all know someone who hates to put all of their hair up. I, in fact, am one of those girls. Sometimes, I am just too lazy to put all of my hair in a top knot, but I want it off of my face. As a result? I take only the upper half of my hair and twist it into a top knot. It is much less hair that has to stay up, and I still have a good portion of my hair down in case my neck gets cold.

These were my three most go to hairstyles during the week when I know I need to do something, but I am just far too lazy to do anything with my hair. I hope this helps, and happy hair days!

Avery Dill

Brenau '21

I am a Mass Communications major and Music minor sophomore/junior at Brenau University. I am also the Senior Editor for the HC Brenau chapter,  an HC Campus Trendsetter, HC Chapter Advisor, and an HC Campus Expansion Assistant.
Junior, Mass Communication major with a concentration in Entertainment Management. Campus Corespondent and Campus Trendsetter for HC Brenau.