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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

You know you go to Brandeis when…

You shout out to your friend Sara(h) or Rachel, or David, etcetera, and half the room turns to look who called their name.  

You wake up at four in the morning to the sound of the pipes in your heater clanking.

You steal food from the Kosher side even though you aren’t on the Kosher meal plan.  

You don’t know what Shapiro building to go to. Shout out to the OG’s Ruth and Carl.

You’re out of breath everytime you walk into class after going up the Rabb Steps, no matter how many times you’ve climbed it.

You’ve been honestly upset that the library closes early on weekends.

Everyone understands the UWS struggle.

You Sherman shop on a habitual basis.


I am a double major in Anthropology and International/Global Studies with a minor in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation at Brandeis University. As a native Southern Californian, I have a born passion for avocados and an innate dread of cold weather. In my free time I love cooking (with avocados of course), drawing and writing. 
Mya is a sophomore at Brandeis University. She is an Education major with minors in African and Afro-American Studies and Anthropology. When she’s not writing, you can find Mya playing for the Brandeis women’s soccer team or attempting to navigate Boston. She also enjoys dancing and is a firm believer that what she lacks in technique she can make up in enthusiasm. She’s originally from sunny South Florida and can frequently be seen sporting her winter coat indoors. Follow her on Instagram @myagoodman for sporadic postings of her life!
If there is anything you need to know about Anna Stern it is that she loves Tina Fey. She also loves her summer camp, The Beatles, her friends, Broadway, sushi, pizza, Giada de Laurentiis, dressing like a 50's girl, the beach, Beyonce, exaggerating, and saying things that she loves.