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You Got the Internship: Now What?

As Spring is upon us, many students on campus are searching for or have just landed a summer internship. For many it may have felt like they would never land a job but are quickly finding out that the hard part is after receiving that acceptance. So ya got an internship now what? Here is a short guide to navigating life after accepting an internship.


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First and foremost you need a place to live! Depending on where your internship is located, this task will vary in difficulty. Some internships may provide housing or have specific locations where their interns typically stay, so try reaching out to your employer for some ideas. Additionally, if the city you’re working in has a college, consider living in the dorms during the summer. They often have cheaper rates than during the year and you may be able to meet other college students in this setting. Going along with the college housing thought, many schools have housing forums through facebook or their school websites that could potentially lead you to rooms to sublet in off-campus housing in the city your living in. Lastly, utilize your network: friends, family, facebook, etc. it may just end of being that a friend of Aunt Jenna’s lives in New York City and will be in Europe all summer and is looking for a tenant — hullo Manhattan!



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The next thing to consider is how, and when you will be leaving and returning from your internship. If your internship lasts the whole summer then you may luck out and go straight from school to your new job and city and then return to school in August. However for many internships do not last the whole summer and thus leave a weird 2-4 week gap that may have you questioning,  Do I go home? Do I try to get a side job? Do I live with someone closer to the area? It is best to consider what you may need from school, home or maybe you can just buy regardless of location. Additionally, this should be planned with your family — do you also have a vacation planned? Is your family coming to visit you while you are working this summer? Just some considerations to make in planning where to be before and after your internship.


Making Friends

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If your internship is not near your hometown or school it could be kinda scary being in a new city without anyone you know. Thankfully (esp. to social media/ the internet) there are many ways to meet people in your new location. Some large cities have facebook groups for interns in XXX city or even more specific, for example, I just joined a Facebook group for Jewish Interns in the D.C. area. Try and find a couple that fit you and your internship to see who else is around. Additionally reach out to mutual friends who may be in the area, take classes at a recreational center or gym, and seek out special events held in your city that cater to college-aged students (such as free concerts) where you may be able to connect with people to hang out with for your time in the city.



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This may seem obvious but just because the school year is wrapping up soon, it does not mean you should stop using your planner! Make sure you are staying on top of important dates such as paying for housing, turning in payroll paperwork, or training dates. Additionally, make sure you have everything you may need from school and give professors or other faculty members the time to prepare what you may need such as a letter of recommendation, class credit verification, etc.

Business Casual

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This may be one of the best or one of the most stressful aspects of an internship depending on the person and that is what to wear! The phrase business casual typically gets thrown around and yet this can mean so many things depending on the place, type of work, and the weather. Use Pinterest to get some inspiration for workplace wear for collegiates. Additionally, talk to your employer to better understand the dress code. Sometimes offices will have casual dress days or different dress code for summer so be sure to ask! Some great places to get business casual clothing such as a blazer, work pants, and nicer tops without totally breaking the bank include Express, H&M, and Forever 21. If you find yourself in a walking city, you may want to consider bringing two pairs of shoes to work — one to walk in, and one for the office and meetings.


Hopefully, this helps you navigate the logistics of your internship and good luck in your summer work! #KillinIt


Kalianni is a Junior at Brandeis majoring in American Studies and minoring in HSSP and Legal Studies. When she isn't writing for HerCampus she can be found traveling, face timing her dog, or eating copious amounts of tacos.
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