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Why You Need to See “Suffragette”

If you’re not going to read this entire article (let’s be honest, we are all skimmers), take this with you: You should definitely SEE SUFFRAGETTE. WITH PEOPLE. ASAP.  Preferably during the box office weekend.  It opens in theatres October 30th.  Check out the times for Kendal Square Cinema here.    

I’m not a professional film reviewer or anything so I won’t bore you with my opinions about acting or directing mistakes because c’mon, Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep, and Helena Bonham Carter are all great!!! Plus, Sarah Gavron, the director, was at Brandeis, and she is awesome! 

All you have to do is see the trailer to know that this film is amazing.

You probably don’t need any more convincing after that.  But just in case, why should you see this movie about British women fighting for their right to vote?

  1. It will make you feel EMPOWERED or INSPIRED or BOTH
  2. It will motivate you to share your perspective on any social justice issue via any artistic medium
  3. There aren’t many stories told about women in general, let alone the women’s suffrage movement.
  4. It will make you wanna vote!!! And be grateful that this is an option for you in this country
  5. It tells a story about the British women’s suffrage movement that you probably haven’t learned about.
  6. It has great actors.  
  7. There’s less than 10% of films directed by women each year and this is one of them!
  8. Because you’re reading this article?!!? YESS!!! 
Hola! I am a first year from Puerto Rico. I'm passionate about writing, feminism, social justice, and health.
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