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Why Is It Still Snowing?!

I am from Burlington, Vermont. I identify as a Northeaster, a Vermonter, a Burlingtonian, a skier, basically; a major snow lover. I pride myself on my ability to withstand the cold, heck I pride myself on the ability to THRIVE in the snow. My winter wardrobe is on point, I have adorable sweaters for every day of the week and don’t even get me started on my scarf collection.

However. It is April. Why is it still snowing?​

I love my sweaters, but I’ve been wearing them for MONTHS now and I just bought a new pair of shorts. Why. Is. It. Still. Snowing.

Springfest is coming up and I am not about to wear my down jacket to a concert. Why is it STILL snowing!?​

I brought some of my winter jackets home for break in the hopes that I could leave them at home and bring some of my cute summer clothes back to school. WHY is it still SNOWING??

I want to start wearing my dresses. I love dresses but, as an experienced snow lover, I find them inconvenient in the winter. It is time for the dresses to come out but it’s still snowing. Why?​

Basically, I love the snow. I think it’s beautiful, I love going for walks in the snow, I love taking pictures in the snow, I love sledding, snowman-building, skating, and I LOVE skiing. But it is now time for the snow to say goodbye until next year, it has officially overstayed it’s welcome. So. WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING?!

Thank you climate change.

Campus Coordinator at Brandeis University 
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