Why I Value ‘Me’ Time Now More Than Ever: as Told by Meredith Grey

When college gets hard and weird and stressful sometimes all you need is a little ‘me’ time. I never valued my alone time as much before. I have never been a person that liked being alone. I grew up with a large loving family and always had people around me. However, when you are a junior in college, classes get hard and the future starts to get more real. Taking time out for yourself, doing the things you love or just being alone can help immensely. I’ve been practising this a lot more this semester and I have seen a difference in my mental health, my friendships and my academics. I’ve also come to peace with being alone some of the time. 

So, here are some reasons why taking ‘me’ time is so important and how it can affect your outlook on everything! Told by the one and only Meredith Grey!

People can be too much sometimes and it’s ok to take a step back 


Taking ‘me’ time is self-care and who doesn’t need a little bit of that every now and then


Being alone can help put things in perspective and channel your thoughts and emotions 


 Being alone allows you to really enjoy doing the things you love, on your own time and your own terms


At the end of the day, you’re the only one you have and no one will hype you up at much as yourself!


Most importantly, it's okay to say no when you really have to. You are your priority. 


All pics were taken from gify: https://giphy.com/gifs/greys-anatomy-5Cnw2Rih8NN1C