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What’s New on Campus? Ipads are a sweet new treat Brandeis students are craving!

So you’re up for a free upgrade on your old LG phone while everyone else is either BBMing or downloading new apps on their I-phone. So which group do you fall under? You want to keep up with your friends with instant text messaging, but you also want to review scores and stats for over 500 sports leagues worldwide. Well now you can do both. Go ahead and upgrade your phone to the new Blackberry Curve, because Apple has just launched its first-ever large multi-touch screen.

Apple’s 9.7 inch Ipad provides you with a lighter version of their MacBook. Everything you can do on a laptop is now at your convenience on Apple’s Ipad, rather all is done in comfort. No longer do you need to lug that heavy laptop from room to room or class to class. The Ipad allows you to watch movies, check your mail, browse your photos, check out the latest YouTube videos, download and listen to music, take notes, and even read a full book on it, all with vibrant color, sharp text and crisp features. I know what you’re wondering. What makes the Ipad better than the I-phone or the Macbook. And the answer is because it’s merely a combination of the two world-renowned applications Apple has created. No you can’t text your friend with the I-pad, but you can send him an e-mail with minimally the touch of a button. And now viewing your e-mail doesn’t require you to squint your eyes, rather you get a split-screen view showing both an opened email and the messages in your inbox. The I-pad doesn’t just allow you to watch movies in high resolution, but even more, you can switch between widescreen and full screen with a double-tap, yet again nothing more than the simple “touch of a button,” or in this case, “touch of a screen.”

So again, the I-pad has come to be Apple’s newest product, outperforming all its previous ones. As its now ultimate device, the I-pad provides you with many features you can’t get from just a phone or a laptop. And hey, any features the I-pad doesn’t come with, you can just download from its wide variety of over 140,000 applications.

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