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What Does Your Room Selection Say About You?

With room selection for sophomores now complete, check out where you decided to live and what it says about you! 

East: You’re a homebody! You’re excited to be with all of your friends in newly renovated dorms and to live with most of the sophomores in your class. You don’t have to walk very far to be right at Usdan, the ICC for free printing, or Gosman for a good workout.

Rosie: You’re a social butterfly! You also like convenience, being surrounded by friends, and a great social living space. Not only are you in the center of campus close to Sherman, the SCC, the science buildings, and the library, but you’re suite is also a main attraction for parties and Spring Fest.

Village: You’re Ms. Pampered! Either you got a great number, are going abroad, or have a really nice roommate who pulled you in, because the village is great! Not only are pumped about central heating and cooling system, but you’re also in fantastic shape from walking all the way to classes and going to the convenient village gym! You may also have become a bit of a caffeine addict since Dunkin’s new arrival, but you are loving your morning doughnuts and lattes.

567: You’re Ms. Independent! You are basically a full-functioning adult with your own apartment (besides your roomies of course). 567 is the best of both worlds! With a private space away from campus and only a Branvan ride away from your classes, you love the real-world feel.

North:  You like me time! Your single is huge and you have plenty of personal space from the center of campus. You’re also super close to the humanities quad so you can avoid the dreaded rabb steps.  When you come home after a long day, you can slip on your sweats, watch a movie, and not have to worry about people interrupting your precious alone time!

Massell: You love nature! Waking up and seeing massell pond every morning is definitely a plus! Although you’re mixed in with freshman, you don’t mind because you’re right next to your classes, the SCC, Sherman, and Chapel’s Field.

Castle: You’re a romantic! Ever since you were a pre-frosh you’ve always dreamed of living in the famous castle that first drew you into Brandeis. Secretly, you think you’re a Disney princess and you can’t wait for the beautiful views of the skyline, huge rooms, and Chums concerts! 

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