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Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are the gifts that you can buy and gifts you can make! Here are some great suggestions thanks to Pinterest and their never ending suggestions.

1) Valentine’s Day Heart Jars: what is more perfect as a gift than a jar in the Valentine’s Day spirit? Put a tea light in or a real candle and it is a perfect mood light or a small something special for your SO! Check out the full instructions here

2) DIY Confetti Painted Heart Mug: everyone can use a nice mug for coffee or tea, especially in college. One of the easiest DIY projects you can do, it will make the gift seem all the more meaningful to your SO or friend! Check out the full instructions here

3) Painted Mason Jar: mason jars might be out of style but they are still a very popular DIY craft and gift! Mix up the colors if you are making it for you boyfriend or keep with the classic pink theme for your girl! Regardless, most college girls can find a use for a mason jar! Check out the full directions here.

4) Edible Box of Matches: there are some foods that are the best snack foods. Pretzels are one of them. These edible matches are a perfect snack to make your SO to enjoy together when watching a movie or enjoying a romantic night in on Valentine’s Day. Check out the full instructions here.

Good luck crafting and a very happy Valentine’s Day to you and your SO! If you want to find more crafts like these check out Pinterest for some super cute gift ideas for your SO and things the two of you can enjoy together! 

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