Valentine's Day Accessories

Benetint: Fake a natural pink blush with Benetint on your cheeks! Just dab a few drops on the apples of your cheeks and blend!

Floral hairclip: Valentine’s Day is all about being a true girly-girl! Add a floral hair clip, like this one from Asos, to keep your locks in place.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Glitz: I adore anything pink, and I’ve had my eye on the Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Watch for quite some time. Rose gold watches are subtle and not too flashy. They are charming and timeless.

Sucré: The Recipes by Philippe Andrieu: Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sweets. Macarons are the perfect compliment to any girl’s outfit on this special occasion! If you can’t get yourself to the Ladurée store in New York in time, try making a batch of macarons yourself with your girlfriends or with that special someone with Ladurée’s very own recipe book!


Quilted purse: Rebecca Minkoff’s Quilted Mini Affair Bag is the perfect bag to bring with you out to dinner! It’s a modern take on the classic Chanel bag, and it also helps too that it’s just under $200.

Mary Jane pumps: These black Mary Jane pumps are girly and fierce and will be sure to match any outfit while giving that sweet schoolgirl feel.