The Undeniable Top Three Yummiest J.P. Licks Monthly Flavors: October Edition

For those of you unfamiliar with the not-so-underrated, best place in the state of Massachusetts, we present to you: J.P. LICKS

J.P. Licks is an ice cream store located all over the lovely state of Massachusetts (find the one closest to you using this link: us, it’s worth it).  Every month, they release new flavors to keep their loyal customers (aka worshippers) on their toes!  With each month comes a few gems that we feel need to be showcased to the Brandeis community.


If you do not have the time to test all the monthly flavors, no need to fear, we’ve already tested and ranked them all:


3. Rocky-er Road- “Chocolate ice cream loaded with roasted, salted almonds, big, soft chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows.”

Basically just like rocky road, just with loads of extra fillings. Thanks J.P. Licks!


2.  Salted caramel cookies and cream- “Salted Caramel ice cream loaded with crushed cookies.”

J.P. Licks does this awesome thing where they take a delicious flavor and add cookies and cream! They also serve peanut butter, mint, and other cookie and cream combinations, but the salted caramel is a real winner.  If J.P. Licks is anything, they are not stingy with their fillings. The cookies in here are well sized chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies, made even more delicious by the salted caramel ice cream. If you’re a big fan of caramel this flavor is highly recommended!!  


1.Chocolate chip cheesecake- New York Cheesecake ice cream blended with chunks of graham crackers and big, soft chocolate chips.

This flavor won the award for #1 unanimously--it’s just almost too good to be true.  Imagine a cheesecake- cold, creamy, but without the crust on the outside. Sounds disappointing right? But have no fear! They read our minds, and they put it on the inside. And not ONLY that! There are are also chocolate chips too!  This ice cream will take two of your favorite desserts and turn them into a flawless hybrid- sort of like a bernedoodle, just in ice cream version.

We know, adorable.  Now imagine all that greatness in one delicious scoop of ice cream.  Y-U-M!

Thanks, J.P. Licks for making October even more fun than it already is!!