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Trendeisan: Obsessed with Oxblood

This fall’s emerging color trend is oxblood. The dark red hue fits right in with the changing season. Incorporating oxblood into your outfit is easy and can fit into anyone’s price range!

From Left to Right:
Earrings, $4.80 from Forever 21; Envelope Clutch, $14.99 from Target; Nail Polish, $10 from J.Crew; Skirt, $7.80 from Forever 21

Blouse, $39 from Urban Outfitters; Scarf, $32 from Nordstrom; Pants, $24.95 from H&M; Dress, $24.80 from Forever 21

Watch, $65 from Lord and Taylor; Skirt, $76 from Topshop; Pants, $57 from American Apparel; Coat, $99 from Urban Outfitters

Dress, $174.99 from Modcloth; Purse, $155 from Nordstrom; Boots, $200 from Dr.Marten’s; Jacket, $298 from Madewell 

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