Top 5 Coffee Spots at Brandeis

As finals are approaching, it is important to know the best place on campus to get the best caffeine kick.


5. Usdan/Sherman

Usdan and Sherman drip coffee is not the ideal cup anyone’s looking for. It is known for not being strong and needing lots of sugar. If you want or need a light dose of caffeine, and you’re desperate, just pick some coffee up with your meal swipe.


4. C-Store/Peet’s Coffee

Right outside of Olin-Sang 101 is a small Peet’s Coffee stand. It is a good quick option for drip coffee. The C-Store offers a similar quick drip coffee. If you are not too particular and need something fast, these two spots are conveniently located and quick.


3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Brandeis wouldn’t be a New England school if there wasn’t an authentic Dunkin’ Donuts on campus. It is conveniently located for residents who live in Ridgewood, Ziv, and the Village, however if you don’t live in that quad you will most likely never make the trek. It is like any other Dunkin’ except sometimes they will randomly not make any sandwiches. The coffee tastes like Dunkin’ coffee (quality is up to your own interpretation). They usually have soy and almond milk and have lots of flavors for your lattes.


2. Starbucks

There is often a very long line for Starbucks which is located inside the library. Although it doesn’t have the same extensive menu as a normal Starbucks it has its signature passion fruit iced tea and one of the only places on campus to get a quick croissant. While the coffee is great, the hours of Starbucks are not ideal. They close at 10 PM on week days and are not open on the weekend.


1. Einsteins

Known for the best bagels on campus, Einstein's also provides the most options and the best coffee. Almost any flavoring of a latte or tea, or refillable iced tea or coffee. It is conveniently located in the SCC and also serves lunch options. Additionally it is open till 2am most nights and open on the weekends!