Top 4 Best Galentines to Send Your Friends

Remember when you were little, and you bought a box of High School Musical-themed valentines, only to save all of the Sharpays for yourself your most fabulous friends? Even if High School Musical wasn’t your thing, I’m sure you can relate to saving the best cards in the pack for those special few in your life. Continue reading for some updated Galentines that are sure fire ways for letting your friends know how special they are to you. But of course, I have a feeling that none of them would complain if you did give them a classic High School Musical card.


“Take a Pizza My Heart”

Valentines Day might be known for the copious amounts of chocolate you’ll be consuming, but we all know that the real love affair you’re supposed to be celebrating is the one between you and that pizza (oh right, and your friends!). Show up to girl’s night with a box and they will have no choice but to fall in love with you.


“I Love You a Latte”

Let’s be honest: we all fantasize about coffee shop dates every now and then (the cute mugs! The mysterious jazz music playing in the background! The hipster barista with whom you immediately fall in love!), so what better time to have one than this Galentines Day? Print a picture of some intricate latte art, scrawl this message on the back, and hand it to your best girlfriend as the invitation for some good old caffeinated girl talk.


“Of All the Fish in the Sea, I’d Pick You”

This one works with both Goldfish and Swedish Fish, which means whether your friend is more salty or sweet, you can still lighten up their day with a bag of their favorite snack food.


“I Love You More Than Leslie Loves Waffles”

The face of Galentine's Day, Leslie Knope, has her priorities straight, and friendship and waffles stand at the forefront of her list (and rightfully so). A card sporting this phrase is sure to melt your friends’ hearts, but if you want to take it a step further, combine the two and have a breakfast-for-dinner with your gal pals. After all, Usdan has both a waffle maker and an ice cream freezer. You can see where I’m going with this.