Thoughts Everyone Has When Wearing a ~Risky~ Fashion Statement

  1. When you first see a beautiful piece of clothing in a store, it’s a feeling like no other. Your heart starts to beat faster, your face flushes, you might even get a bit sweaty. maya rudolph eyebrows GIF

  2. As soon as you try on this ~magical~ piece of clothing, you think it’s love at first sight. maya rudolph snl GIF

  3. But then you start to have doubts. Is it TOO fashionable for me? Am I not cool enough for a piece of clothing such as this?? How could anyone be worthy enough??? scared saturday night live GIF by HULU

  4. But you decide to buy it. I mean honestly, if you’re not cool enough for this level of ~high~ fashion, who is? maya rudolph snl GIF

  5. And thank goodness you did, because WOW are you stylish!!! maya rudolph oh baby GIF


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