Thanksgiving Break: a gif compilation

That moment when your last class for the day is over and you’re so ready to get home to your family, friends, and/or significant other:

When you finally get home and are ecstatic to see the family you’ve missed the most: your pets!

When you only have one thing on your mind but your family will not stop with the questions:

When all the old members of your family and all the young members of your family start debating politics/gay rights/etc.

When the meal finally starts!

When somebody brings up your grades at the table:When your grandpa asks this dreaded question after you explain your major: “so what are you going to use that for?"

When your drunk aunt corners you and starts asking about your dating life:

That moment when you feel like you’re about to explode, but the food is so amazing that you want to cherish the fact that it’s not from the dining hall:

When your family won’t stop telling you what to major in, what field to get a job in, and who to marry:

After the whole meal is over and the ‘itis sets in:

When you finally get to sleep in your own bed:

When you think about all the work you still have to do before classes start again:

When you realize that you have to go back to school after having been home for only five days (although you'll be back again about two weeks later):When you admit that despite your family's innate talent to be overbearing, you love them no matter how innapropriate their questions might be: