TBT: Childhood Halloween Costumes

Does Halloween bring you back to your childhood of dressing up and trick or treating? Do you miss some of your favorite costumes? Do you love the fun nostalgia of looking at photos of you dressed up as a child? Our chapter does too! We all took a trip down memory lane this week and found our favorite photos of us dressed up as kids.  Check out what we looked like dressed up as children in this special Throwback Thursday Childhood Halloween Costume edition!

Sydney Westervelt, at age seven, as a Zombie-bride. Yes, those are real leaves in that crazy blonde wig! She's giving her best zombie impression; the hunched shoulders paired with the bulging eyes has got to be the best part.

"This is my halloween costume from 3rd grade, I was a koala bear!" - Leah Weingast 

This was the first year in maybe three years that I decided to go as something other than Mulan. The costume was about a size too big, but I borrowed my cousin's angel costume. – Esther Lee

Here I am at age three dressed up as a strawberry. – Emily Beker

Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays growing up. The combination of carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and dressing up made it particularly fun. My mom always enjoyed helping me execute my costumes no matter how simple or elaborate they were. For one of my first Halloweens she went all out and made me this precious ladybug costume, which will always go down as one of my favorites. 

As I grew older my costumes became less creative and time consuming but equally memorable as exhibited through this cowgirl costume. –Andrea Stern