Survival (Kit) of the Fittest

Let’s face it. During midterms and throughout the semester, we all get caught up in papers, exams, jobs, and for the lucky few-spare time to socialize with friends. In the balancing acts that college student’ lives revolve around, saying yes to you may feel like a distant memory. Sometimes mom and dad telling you to relax or do less doesn’t cut it, but a tangible reminder can. Her Campus semester survival kits have arrived at colleges across America, promoting self-love and care simultaneously.

Take a look at some of the products you’ll catch me using and that you might want to try out too!

Freeman Facemasks are the first cleansing products that I use religiously now. With sensitive and fair skin, I rarely put anything on my face in an effort to avoid redness and reaction. Freeman face masks have proven both rejuvenating and more importantly, quick and easy to do. For 10 minutes, you douse your face with natural scents of honey or cucumber and are left feeling invigorated and smooth. 

Not enough time to comb through your hair in the morning? Try Bed Head dry shampoo or hairspray as a simple but effective remedy for our occasional lackluster hair days. Try these for a you woke up like that, effortlessly chic look.

A few too many hours in the library can leave you feeling Vitamin D deficient (where’s the sunlight at?!). With that you might start feeling nostalgic for your summer glow. Try L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes or their ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Mist for a natural-looking glow.

With all of the coffee you’ve probably been enjoying this semester, brushing your teeth is more important than ever! Keep your toothbrush clean and fresh with Steripod. Steripod keeps your toothbrush sterile for happy and healthy gums.  

Midterms can be…draining. I find myself more often than not rolling up to the library in cozy, yet uneventful sweats. Aeropostle’s gold tinted earrings and rings along with scalloped wallets can add a pop of excitement to any monochromatic ensemble.

As exciting as your first…second…and third cups of coffee are. For a natural, fruity and fizzy boost, try Spindrift' new flavors, Strawberry or Orange Mango! I like mine with tons of ice and frozen blueberries, what’ll be your go-to??

As if our schedules aren’t busy enough, scheduling time for self-care is HARD. With Erin Condren’s LifePlanner, you can keep track of your due dates, scheduled lunches and dinners, and schedule in you time. The vibrant, floral-covered planner is cute to carry and imperative for improved organization. 

Alright. I’m one to grab an apple for brain power as opposed to a pint of my favorite ice cream (brain power, am I right?! That doesn’t mean I can’t have the occasional sweet and chewy candy sensation. HI-CHEW, a gluten and cholesterol free candy is a sweet and tropical flavor.

Let us know your favorite product! Send pictures of you using any of the above to Brittany for a chance to be featured on HC Brandeis' Instagram!