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Summertime Nails

Planning ahead for summer? Want your nails to look fun and colorful? Then try out these two summer nail tutorials that will help you really feel like your favorite season is in full swing. 

For this sunset look, you’ll need a coral, a golden yellow, a translucent orange, and a thin-brushed black. Start by painting the bottom third of your nail coral and the top third of your nail with the yellow. Next, overlapping a little less than halfway onto the coral and yellow, paint the middle section with the orange. If the middle seems too light, go over just the orange part a second time. Last, use the black thin-tipped polish to make the palm tree. Paint a black curved line from the bottom corner of your nail to the middle. Then on the top of that line, make three smaller lines curved down on either side. The look is complete!

For the beach look, you will need a sandy beige, a bright blue, a light blue, a thin-brushed white, red, and yellow polishes. Start by painting your thumb, ring finger, and the bottom third of your pointer with the beige. Next, paint the pinky, middle finger, and middle third of your pointer with the bright blue. After, paint the top third of your pointer light blue. To make the umbrella, use the white to paint a line starting from the middle of the beige to the middle of the bright blue. Then make a squiggley line above the white line and a semi-circle connecting both sides above it. Then make three lines inside the semi- circle and fill them in with the red. Lastly, use the yellow to make a dot in the top corner of your nail to make a sun. Don’t forget the topcoat!

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