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St. Patrick’s Green Mojito

For those of you who are 21+ and looking for something different than a beer on St. Patty’s Day, mix it up with this green Mojito!


1½ oz. white rum

1½ oz. Monin Mojito Mix Syrup

½ oz. lime juice

5 mint leaves

Splash of sour mix

Add 16 oz. of ice to the ingredients in a blender and blend together at medium speed. Garnish drink with a lime wheel and mint leaves.

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Cassie is a sophomore at Brandeis University from Maine, double majoring in environmental studies and history. When Cassie is not combating climate change with Brandeis Climate Justice or attending a zumba class or intramural soccer game, she can be found wandering Sachar woods, taking note on the tree species there or discussing feminism with friends in upper Usdan over a quesadilla and smoothie from Curritos.
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