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Spring Exhibits at The Rose


This semester at The Rose Art Museum is a pretty big one. On display now at the Rose are three fabulously curated exhibitions that are unique to each other and past exhibitions that you might have seen. First and foremost, it is my duty as a member of SCRAM to be like “YO visit the Rose!” Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about what’s going on in our adorable little museum.

One small change you may notice is the floor. Yes, the floors are now glass. Thanks to Walead Beshty’s installation, we can see up your skirt! *smirks* But really, Beshty collaborated with the Rose’s director, Christopher Bedford, to create On the matter of abstraction (figs. A & B) and Walead Beshty: Untitled (Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University: Waltham, Massachusetts, February 12 – June 9, 2013), an exhibition comprised of abstract pieces from the Rose’s collection and his own original work. I think it’s quite a treat. I went in a bit of sensory overload when I first walked in at the opening a few weeks ago, but trust me it’s worth it (and the glass cracks as you walk on it).  

This spring we’ve also had the return of Sam Jury, the Rose’s 2011 Artist in Residence. Her installation Coerced Nature is particular awesome because not only are there video works on display in the Lee Gallery, but there are also four additional videos around campus; three in the library and one in the WBRS window in the SCC. (And NO I will not tell you where the videos can be found in the library, because I still don’t know my way around that large place.) If you haven’t noticed her work around campus already, I strongly suggest visiting the Rose and maybe going on a scavenger hunt for her little videos, they are truly wonderful. 

Lastly, we have Ed Ruscha: Standard in the Foster Gallery. Ruscha is an LA based artist who’s career has extended for over sixty years. His work is mostly depictions of every day objects. This exhibit is very different from the surrounding galleries giving the Rose a bit of edge this semester. So do your best to come visit for a bit! There’s a little bit of something for everyone this semester, you will not be disappointed. 



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