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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

Welcome back HerCampus readers. So I know we’re all upset to be back from spring break when we just moped around and tanned all day. But heading back to the books won’t be too bad with summer just around the corner. Whilst waiting and in order to get into the spring spirit, head over to the C-Store for their refreshing new and cool smoothie and milkshake machine. As Brandeis tries to improve their dining services with more food variety, more healthy options and more efficient service, the C-Store has stocked its shelves with not only more food and drinks, but also a new mechanism that has just got us crawling back for more.

The C-Store’s new smoothie and milkshake machine is so easy and efficient and price friendly, there’s no wonder that the line at the C-Store seems to be getting longer since break. All you need to do is open the mini fridge filled with milkshakes and smoothies of all different flavors such as strawberry banana, vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream and more! Just pop it into the machine and choose the blend type of your choice-semi-thick, smoothie thickness, or super thick. Now slurp away and enjoy. Oh and soak up those last rays before finals!

Abigail Katznelson is a Senior at Brandeis University studying Economics and Psychology. She recently joined the Her Campus Team and is so excited to have been recognized by Brandeis as an official charter! She is a member of the Brandeis Student Union, Creative Advertising Director for Student Events, and the Vice President of Sigma Delta Tau Delta Gamma Chapter. Her interests include singing, shopping, writing and exploring exotic foods. She will attend Brandeis’ International Business School next year as a participant in Brandeis’ 5-Year Masters program in International Finance.