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Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Were you up late last night finishing a paper (or really, just procrastinating a paper…), and now getting to that 8am class seems impossible? When you really need those extra minutes of sleep (or are just running late…) here are some tips to shorten your morning routine.

Let the water run. I don’t advocate for wasting water; however, I don’t advocate for wasting time, either. If it takes the water a few minutes to warm up, use that time to do another part of your routine, like flossing your teeth or combing your hair.

Brush your teeth in the shower: I’m not sure that this actually saves you a lot of time… but it sure seems to be more convenient.

Multi-task in the shower. Waiting the full two minutes to let that conditioning treatment sink into your hair? Now’s a perfect time to soap up or wash your face (or brush your teeth)!

Use products that multi task:

This moisturizing body wash by Dove is so rich, you won’t need to lotion-up after your shower. ($7.49, Walgreens)

If you have acne, your morning skincare regimen could easily be three steps (think Proactiv system!). This acne face wash is strong enough to penetrate into your pores, so you can just wash your face and go. It may not be a permanent substitute for your normal routine, but it’ll keep acne at bay on those mornings when you’re racing against the clock. ($19.95, xout.com)

This product does double duty to not only moisturize your lips like a balm, but also to stain them with color that lasts all day. ($8.99, Walgreens)

Focus on easy application: If you’re meeting that cute guy for lunch and don’t want to skip the makeup, use products that you can easily apply in a hurry. If you normally wear liquid foundation, try a tinted moisturizer instead since it requires less blending. Or better yet, just dab concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes. Pressed powder is also quick to apply and will keep your skin matte all morning, despite the stress you’re under. Try focusing your mascara application the very base of your lashes—this will enhance their natural shape, so you can skip the eyelash curler!

Blow-dry only what’s necessary. If your hair falls flat without a good blowout but you don’t have much time, focus your blow-dryer on your roots, your bangs, and the pieces of hair around your hairline and face. Let the rest air-dry.

Set up your books and backpack the night before. When you rush out the door, you can just grab your things without wondering if you forgot the paper that you were slaving over all night!

Rachel is a junior math major and premed student at Brandeis University. She is an EMT and recently joined her school's EMS squad. When she's not busy studying, she enjoys blogging, watching sitcoms, drawing zentangles, folding origami, and eating chocolate.
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