A SoCal Guide to Conquering a New England Fall

In SoCal, we have one season. We go to the beach your round and hide inside at the slightest hint of rain. Honestly, we are grossly spoiled by nature. Surprise! Weather is actually a thing. New England weather is unpredictable. Here are a couple tips to survive your first experience with actual seasons.


  1. Brighten Up Your Room

Fall weather can get a little gloomy. Bring some home to your new home by adding bright colors and uplifting pictures to your walls. I’ve got sunflowers and photos of California sunsets spread across my room. It definitely makes my room feel more home-like.


  1. Start Taking Vitamin D Supplements

A few weeks into last semester, I noticed how the weather was starting to affect my mood. I mean come on, the sky is literally grey for at least half of the year. It’s like the whole world is tainted with a sad Instagram filter! I was seriously craving some sunshine. I started taking Vitamin D pills every night before bed and I absolutely swear by the results!


  1. Actually, Check the Weather Before Going Outside

Pro tip: If it was sunny yesterday, that in no way means the weather will be even remotely similar tomorrow. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve left my room in my Birkenstocks and been instantly hit by rain. Additionally sunshine does not equal warmth. It can be sunny and freezing. Prepare yourself!


  1. Plan Your Outfits the Night Before

Since the weather can change instantaneously, be prepared! Lay out your clothes before you go to bed (after checking the weather of course) and always have a layer or two in case it gets cold, rainy, or windy.


  1. Be Prepared Your Body to HATE Seasons

No matter how much I love fall, my body just doesn't seem to agree. My skin turns a weird grey color, my skin dries out, and my joints get sore from the wind chill. These are easy problems to fix! Carry water with you always and invest in some good shea butter, chapstick, conditioner, and a Costco sized bottle of Advil. Your body will thank you.


  1. Buy Many Jackets

Start prepping for winter early! Before the prices start skyrocketing, get yourself some good winter gear. Ask your friends before buying something though, I definitely overdid it last time.


  1. Get Outside and Experience It!

Fall rocks, go look at some leaves and do spooky Halloween shit all season long.