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Remember that movie Snow Day (2000)? The one where the kids find out they don’t have school and then continue to have the best day of their lives? Well that’s not the case for us here at Brandeis University. As I look out my window in East Quad I see two students bundled up to the point that I can’t make out their faces and another individual who has been clearing off his car for the past 20 minutes because the snow keeps accumulating. Has Brandeis cancelled? No, of course not, but luckily for us they have extended Crystal Shuttle until midnight. Good idea, let’s have large busses try to drive around Waltham when the roads are in such spectacular condition! Sarcasm aside, I personally don’t think these conditions are safe to drive or walk in. With the day winding down, and still no email about a cancellation in my inbox I begin to wonder about tomorrow. Will there be a snow day?

Chicago is calling for thundersnow, which happens to be a legitimate thing that involves thunder, lightning and snow. The current visibility in Waltham is 1.0 miles and the estimate of an accumulation of 1-3 inches this afternoon. Tonight another 1-3 inches, and tomorrow an accumulation of 4-8 inches of snow and sleet will fall. These are just the numbers, but Brandeis should really be taking in to account in the safety of its student body. For the professors, staff and those who drive to campus, the conditions are not safe. I cannot tell you how many sirens I heard through out the day today. As for the students, most live on campus but even that has its dangers.  Students have been clinging to hand rails as they walk up and down Rabb steps, where a student fell and received a concussion the other day. I’m all for getting an education, but when that begins to affect my health it begins to be a problem.

If you can’t tell, my stance is that we should have a snow day tomorrow. With the accumulation of today, tonight and tomorrow the conditions are sure to worsen and the smartest/safest thing for the university to do would be to cancel classes. (Side note: three plows just drove by on South Street—one right after the other—this is ridiculous). I feel like this is a lot of snow and my goodness—I’m from Maine!

What do you think about the snow?  Should we hold classes tomorrow? Write in the comments and voice your opinion! Let Brandeis know how you feel!

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