Sarah Brodsky '15

Name: Sarah Brodsky

Hometown: Montville, NJ

Year: 2015

Majors: English and Theater Arts

Minor: Business



Her Campus: What are you involved in on campus?

Sarah Brodsky: I am the president of the Hillel Theatre Group and in their production of Legally Blonde. I’m also in Company B and am an usher at Spingold.

HC: Who are you playing in Legally Blonde?

SB: I’m playing Elle Woods and it’s amazing and it’s terrifying. She’s totally iconic and I haven’t played this kind of a lead in a really long time. I’m a little bit intimidated by it…but I’m also really excited!

HC: What has been your favorite role to play?

SB: That’s so hard! Probably Cinderella in Into the Woods because who doesn’t want to be a princess? Being Elle is like being a different type of princess. I’m trying to get into her mind and half the things I own right now are pink! I love getting into her head because she’s really cool.

HC: What are you doing after graduation?

SB: I’m applying for a bunch of different things, like entertainment and theater management. I’m applying to theaters in New York. Applying to some things at Disney as well!

HC: How do you unwind from all your stress?

SB: I live with a bunch of goofy people and we play a bunch of board games. I love to knit…I love to watch Netflix and knit.

HC: What has been your favorite thing about Brandeis?

SB: Definitely the people. I’m sure that’s a common answer, but it’s because it’s true. The people I have met here the past 4 years are some of the most passionate, hilarious people and I am so lucky to have gotten to know them. I’m not ready to leave!


HC: Guilty pleasure?



Color: Green

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Song from Legally Blonde: Chip on my shoulder

Sport: Football

City: New York

TV Show: Friends