Re-Kap of K-Night

What a fabulous show! Last Saturday, Brandeis Korean Students Association (BKSA) hosted K-Nite, a celebration of the Korean culture on campus. All the performers were well prepared and all the acts were thrilling to watch!


The opening act by a guest performer, WONE, pleased the crowd with several songs, remixed and rapped in English and Korean. He ended with a popular song, Rocketeer by Far East Movement, engaging with the crowd to shout the word ‘fly’!

After every performance, I kept saying “This is my favorite,” but I enjoyed every single performance. A favorite among the audience was the modern dances co-ed and girls. The girls performed NoNoNo by Apink, with shouts from the fans on the balcony. Here is the link to the song:

“The Acaféllas” encompassed several members of the E-Board singing some modern and classic K-Pop.

The traditional Korean Fan Dance showcased eye-catching pink/red/green colored fans and dresses. At the end of the act, the act leader promoted a new club on campus called LiNK, Brandeis Liberty in North Korea, which more info is found here:

The spectacular Three Drum Dance was a powerful, heart pumping performance that combined flexibility, rhythm, and uniformity.

The night ended with the Rock Band, much like a concert because the lighting was wild, music was pumping, performers were hyped, and the audience was ready to rock!

Don’t YOU forget to attend K-Nite next year!!!

Be sure to check out more photos of this years K-Nite at BKSA’s FB page: