Ralph Azark '15

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major/Minor: IGS and Business, Minor in Film 

Relationship Status: On the market

What clubs are you involved in on campus?

AEPi, Chabad, Beacon Hospice, General Tutoring

What are some of your pet peeves?

I have too many to list haha. But I hate when my roommate chomps loudly on his cereal with his mouth open. I dislike smelly people, especially bad smelling bedrooms. 

What is a hidden talent that you have? 

I can lick my nose. I am an alcohol connoisseur. I am great at avoiding people. 

What is your dream date?

A small Italian restaurant in NYC. 

What kind of girl do you look for? 

She has to be honest, respectful, funny, and warm to people. She has to know how to cook and be independent. Playing the flute is essential. 

Do you watch The Bachelor? What are your impressions of it? 

Haha no I do not watch the Bachelor, nor have I ever.