Quirky Summer Jobs

Is the job hunt getting you down? Consider these atypical jobs – one just might be the perfect fit for you.

Applied Animal Behaviorist        
Think psychologist for animals. If an animal is stressed, destructive, aggressive, disobedient or just plain crazy, it’s your job to figure out why and solve the problem. Animal behaviorists are often educated in one or more of the following: biological psychology, zoology or animal sciences.
Cesar Millan, the star of his own National Geographic television program “Dog Whisperer.”

Get paid to write books, articles, stories or other texts published under someone else’s name. Creative flexibility is a must, as you have to be able to write in a voice or style that your client will approve as his or her own. There is no professional training necessary for this job, and it is the perfect chance to show off your writing skills. The job offers a flexible schedule. Keep in mind that you may not be given credit for your work.
Celebrities write their own books, often with the help of a ghostwriter.

Ice Cream Flavor Expert:
As a flavor expert, your job is to engineer the best ice cream flavors. Most people who work in this field have a background in food science. On the job, you’ll blend, chop, whip, and taste, taste, taste until you find a magical combination.
Meet the flavor gurus at Ben & Jerry’s.

Foley artist:
Most of the sounds you hear in a movie are reproduced in a studio and added months later. Foley artists are generally split into two positions, the artist who makes the noise and the technician who records and mixes the final product. Every project is different, which keeps your work fresh and exciting. If you don’t want to go to film school, you can get the same experience working on a movie set.
A foley artist at work.

Furniture Tester
Many companies use machines to test the quality of their product. Some companies, however, think that humans are the best testers. (After all, the furniture is made for humans and not machines.) Some companies even require the tester to spend a “typical” amount of time with the furniture. If you get caught sleeping on this job, you’re doing something right.
This college student landed the job of her dreams…literally.