The Paul Walker History

Paul Walker: those abs, ugh those eyes, and of course, that tushie.  Sadly, we will only have pictures and distant memories of Paul Walker as he passed away this last Saturday. The actor/renaissance man was seated next to his friend, Roger Rodas, when their car crashed and caught on fire in Santa Clara, California. Walker was a giver. Not only did he give us endless eye candy but he also gave the world some things that matter.  Saturday, Walker participated in a charity event created by his organization, Reach Out Worldwide.  Reach Out is an organization dedicated to first aid responders and experts who work towards helping those in need after natural disasters. Walker’s Saturday event featured a car show with proceeds dedicated to Indiana Tornado and Typhoon relief efforts.

If you felt the tears swell in your eyes when you heard the news of Paul Walker’s death, know that you are not alone. Hollywood’s reaction to Paul Walker’s death was intense and with good reason. Tyrese Gibson, a close friend of Walker turned to Facebook to publish his open letter to God, expressing his disbelief and deep-rooted pain to have his friend and brother taken away. Vin Diesel also expressed his grief publicly after his co-star’s death. The late California native also left behind his 15-year old daughter with ex Rebecca McBrain, Meadow.

Walker’s career began early. When he was a toddler, he starred in a Pampers commercial.  He stayed in California to pursue the dream and went on to guest star in countless television shows including, Who’s the Boss, The Young and the Restless, and Touched by an Angel.  Paul Walker and his sister even made a quick appearance on a game show called I’m Telling! Walker’s big claim to fame was his undeniably strong role in Fast and the Furious, establishing him as a key player in the many films to follow. After his big action hit, Walker went on to star in a myriad of films ranging from tearjerkers like Snow Dogs to unknown Indies like The Lazarus Project. Needless to say, Hollywood never got tired of him.

Walker also had a passion for marine biology and starred in a National Geographic Series called Shark Men.  He moved around, living in aquatic locations in Hawaii and California. Walker really stood out, though, when it came to giving back to the community.  Walker was constantly on the road with his Reach Out Worldwide team responding to humanitarian needs in devastation-ridden places like Constitucion, Chile after massive natural disasters hit. Walker was a car enthusiast as well, and was preparing for a car show prior to his death.

It is safe to say that Walker will be missed, not just because of those baby blues, but because he was a real man. Paul Walker was an entertainment star and a remodel for those around him. The timing could not have been worse, following Thanksgiving, but at least we can sit back and be grateful for the wonderful contributions Paul Walker gave to the world.