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My Top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies

Everybody loves a good DCOM. They are filled with nostalgia, and from the minute you see those kids jumping over the film reels you are ready for an exciting movie viewing experience (see picture below if you forget this opening montage greatness!).



Recently, I was talking with some friends about throwback Disney Channel movies, and from that conversation I have compiled a list of my top five films for your viewing pleasure!


5. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

One of the ultimate throwbacks of all throwbacks. Between the futuristic premise, a young Raven Symoné, and the true jam that is “Supernova Girl,” this movie is definitely worth another watch! Also, let us not forget this is the movie that brought us the phrase “Zedis Lapedis.”

4. Cadet Kelly

Remember when Hillary Duff was on Disney Channel? Those were the good days. She made military school look cute in her hot pink camo.

3. Camp Rock

A young Demi Lovato and all three Jonas Brothers truly are the highlight of this movie. Also the music is on point, including the boy band tune “Play My Music” where the Jobros just rock out, and the all-time class “This is Me.” One rewatch of this movie and you will be belting it with all your friends…trust me.

2. Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls were the definition of squad goals. They strut their stuff and perform in super fashionable neon cheetah print sweatsuits (and you know you wanted one). Also, “Cheetah Sisters” will always be the anthem of  girl power and friendship.

1. High School Musical

This amazing movie spawned millions of fans and a huge franchise including CDs, a stage production, a world tour, clothing, toys, and more. I definitely had a ton of High School Musical merchandise, and there was a good reason for it: this has got to be the best DCOM ever made. The music is so amazing that you still know all of the words 10 years after it came out, and it has Zac Efron. Need I say more?!?


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