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Midterm Crunch: Brandeis Her Campus Staff’s Favorite Study Spots


(PC: http://lts.brandeis.edu/location/directions-library.html)

Goldie Davoudgoleh ‘20

Study Spot: Tables by the windows on the sides of the 1st floor of Goldfarb

Why? It’s secluded enough from the louder parts of the library, but not scary silent. I’m also a fan of sitting near natural light on really nice days if I can’t get outside. Being near so many rows of books makes me feel so studious.


Emily Arkin ‘20

Study Spot: 2nd Floor Balcony in the SCC

Why? I like having the background noise of other people without being completely overwhelmed by it. The natural lighting is also great!



Sakinah Master ’21

Study Spot: SCC 2nd Floor, Quite Room

Why? The silence makes me feel productive and I love the natural lighting.


Kalianni Neal-Desatnik ‘20

Study Spot: Big purple/pink chairs in Upper Green

Why? It’s such a great spot to get comfy, invited some friends, and focus in on tons of work.


PC: https://www.ddarch.com/usdan-dining-hall/


Merrick Mendenhall ‘20

Study Spot: Upper Usdan booths – Early in the morning

Why? Upper Usdan is oddly peaceful and quiet in the mornings and I always feel most productive if I wake up before my first class. I also love the feeling of being awake before most people on campus. It’s fun to watch the line at Dunkin grow as 10am nears and see people start their days.


Cynthia Crispino ‘21

Study Spot: Gerstenzang Study Room

Why? This study spot is very quiet and there are not that many people there at a given moment.

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