Meet The Staff: Marian Siljeholm '16

Year: Class of 2016

Hometown: Melrose, Massachusetts

Majors: Psychology, English, Creative Writing

Her Campus: Why did you decide to go to Brandeis?

Marian Siljeholm: It was sort of random actually, but the school had all the qualifications I wanted: mid sized student body, co-ed, near Boston, strong health sciences and overall academic rigor.

HC: How did you first get involved with Her Campus?

MS: Word of mouth mostly, and curiously after reading a few articles and seeing their Facebook page.

HC: What else are you involved in on campus?

MS: I am the Hiatt Career Center Photographer. I have taken photos for the Hoot, the Justice and other on campus publications. I’ve also participated in intramural sports, and currently serve on several committees including the Heath Center Advisory Committee, along with being involved in several clubs and organizations on campus, ranging from Colleges Against Cancer to the Brandeis Boxing club.

HC: Why do you write for Her Campus?

MS: I love the relevancy of the work that Her Campus does. Yet much of it might seem trivial or fun, yet it touches on many of the core aspects of college life.

HC: What is your favorite part about Brandeis?

MS: The people; for better or worse, they are unlike any others I have ever met.

HC: What is something you wish you could’ve done at campus that you ended up not doing?

MS:  Been more active in Waltham Group, they do amazing work.

HC: If you could say something to your freshman self what would it be?

MS: Be open to new things, people, and places. You never know what you will experience and who you will meet.

HC: What do you want to do after Brandeis?

MS: Work for a non-profit, ideally combining writing and psychology with  my other passion of photography.

Fun Facts: Bath and body works might be one of my favorite places on earth. I could never live more than an hour from the ocean. I am terrified of spiders.

Celeb Crush: James Lafferty (in his One Tree Hill days… he’s old now, ew.)

Sherman or Usdan: Usdan. They have burritos.

Favorite late night snack: Fro-Yo. If only Pinkberry was open 24/7 and delivered.

Favorite place on campus: Outside the castle, looking over the Boston skyline.