Meet the Staff: Lily Bickerstaff-Richards '20

Year: 2020

Hometown: York, Maine

Major: (as of now) IGS and Anthropology

Minor: Theater and politics? (again, as of now)

Her Campus: What do you do for Her Campus at Brandeis and how did you get involved?

Lily Bickerstaff-Richard: I write articles every week for her campus at Brandeis. I have a couple friends who write for the Emmanuel Her Campus chapter and love it and I guess reading all of their articles and seeing all of the fun that they have made me subconsciously love it too! When I got to Brandeis I realized that I really wanted to join the Brandeis chapter so I tagged along to a HCB meeting with my friend EmRae and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of HCB.

HC: What’s your favorite part about being a part of the HC team and why?

LBR: I love the writing style and the community. I always feel like I can write about things that I think are relevant to students and I love having the freedom to put my personality into the articles and even crack a few jokes here and there. The community is also really great because it is a low stress and fun group of girls who get together and write about stuff that they like or think is important and I think that’s pretty neat. 

HC: What’s your favorite article you’ve written for HC so far?

LBR: I really enjoyed writing both my Valentine’s day (my birthday) and Purim articles. In both articles I was able to express my thoughts, opinions and experiences in ways that I couldn’t have had I not been a part of Her Campus.

HC: What other activities are you involved in on campus?

LBR: Right now I’m busy getting ready for the production of Footloose (I’m playing Ethel) next weekend. I was also a part of quickies earlier in the semester but I look forward to expanding my horizons next year and joining more activities!

HC: What’s one thing on your Brandeis Bucketlist you’re really looking forward to?

LBR: I really want to do Liquid Latex before I graduate! I think it’s such a beautiful and empowering event and I would really like to step out of my comfort zone and be a part of it.

HC: And finally, if you had to pick a “spirit animal,” which animal would you choose, and why?

LBR: This is a tough one. I think i’d be a weird mix of a cat, a giraffe, and a golden retriever because I love cats and naps and I like to think I have a sassy/spunky side, I’m kind of awkward, clumsy, and gentile like a giraffe, but I’m always pretty excited, happy, and loyal like golden retriever.

Fast Facts...

Favorite Spot on Campus: The library

Favorite TV Show: Bones

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee Oreo

Sherman or Usdan: Sherman