Meet the Staff: HC Brandeis Fall 2016 E-Board

Emily Reich


Year: 2017 

Major(s): Psychology, Communication and Media 

Minor(s): Business

HC: What's one thing you love about leading Her Campus at Brandeis? 

ER: I love seeing the enthusiasm and commitment of all of our writers and staff. It makes me love what I do even more when I see everyone else enjoying it as well. 

Sara Cardenas 


Year: 2017 

Major(s): Anthropology, IGS 

Minor(s): CAST

HC: How has HC at Brandeis evolved since you joined the team? 

SC: I started at HC at Brandeis as a first year when it was just a baby, only three years old! I think since then we have become much more established on campus and we've cultivated a stronger team and readership base. Brandeis is such a small school, so it can be difficult to maintain the right level of support and enthusiasm for one's club.  I'm proud that HC Deis has been resilient enough to make it this far. 

Heather DeNoble


Year: 2018 

Major(s): Education Studies 

Minor(s): Elementary Education 

HC: What's your favorite thing about Her Campus at Brandeis? 

HD: My favorite thing about HC Brandeis is the ability to express myself and interests through writing, and getting to share my writing with members of our community.  Not to mention I get to work with an amazing and talented group of girls! 

Brittany Wolfe


Year: 2018 

Major(s): Psychology, American Studies 

Minor(s): Legal Studies 

HC: If you had unlimited funding and support, what's one event you would love to throw for HC at Brandeis? 

BW: A HUGE carnival! With a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and games all on Chapels Field.  To top it off- HC merchandise everywhere! 

Rebecca Chen


Year: 2018 

Major(s): Business 

Minor(s): Economics 

HC: What's your favorite thing about being a part of the HC team? 

RC: My favorite thing about being a part of the HC team is meeting awesome people through Her Campus and publicizing all things Her Campus! 

Dylan Corn


Year: 2019 

Major(s): Business 

Minor(s): Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies 

HC: If you could sum up your HC experience in one sentence, what would you say? 

DC: HC Brandeis has given me a space to write what I want and to collaborate with other incredible girls.