Meet The Staff: Anna Stern '18

Year: 2018

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Majors: American Studies and Sociology

Minors: Undecided but most likely Theater

Her Campus: Why did you decide to go to Brandeis?

Anna Stern: I wanted to go to Brandeis because I loved the beautiful campus, the emphasis on social action, and the incredible community. I also wanted to go to Brandeis because I wanted a school that was big enough to have a variety of friends but small enough that I would see familiar faces. Brandeis is also close to Boston, the ideal college town. Plus my family lives 15 minutes away .

HC: How did you first get involved with Her Campus?

AS: I always knew I wanted to write for Her Campus at whatever school I went to because it’s fun to read and the Buzzfeed for college girls. I saw the Her Campus booth at the activity fair the first week of school and the rest is history.

HC: What else are you involved in on campus?

AS: I am a proud sister of DPhiE, a dancer in B'yachad- the semi-professional Israeli dance group, a chatter in admissions, and I write for the Arts section of The Justice.

HC: Why do you write for Her Campus?

AS: I write for Her Campus because I can choose what I want to write about and write about topics that I love. I love having the freedom to decide what I want to write about and have fun with my articles.

HC: What is your favorite part about Brandeis?

AS: My favorite part about Brandeis is definitely the people. I have met so many awesome people in my first semester here and I know I will maintain these friendships for a long time. I also love that there is so much to get involved in and so many groups to be a part of. Brandeis is such a close community and I love how friendly and open everyone is to each other.

HC: What is something you wish you could’ve done at campus that you ended up not doing?

AS: As a freshman I still have some time left, but I look forward to being in a musical or play besides the 24 Hour Musical and maybe have a radio show! I wish that I auditioned for more improv groups and became active in Waltham Group. It’s not too late!

HC: What do you want to do after Brandeis?

AS: After Brandeis I want to write for an online magazine similar to Buzzfeed or Her Campus or be an elementary school teacher.

Fun Facts: 

Celebrity Crush: How much room do I have? Adam Scott, Zac Efron, Jimmy Fallon, James Marsden, Channing Tatum, Seth Myers, Andy Samberg, Nice Jewish boys with abs….I know most of them aren’t Jewish but I can dream

Sherman or Usdan: Whichever one is serving roasted potatoes.

Favorite late night snack: popcorn

Favorite place on campus: Renfield 202. My best friends live there and I spend most of my time there. It is also the place where I had a pretty memorable movie night that included The Stein’s wonderful waffle fries, pizza, and Mamma Mia karaoke.