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Mathew Kuruvinakunnel ’15

Year: …Of the Sheep. Senior. 2015.

Major: Economics and Politics

Hometown: I was born in Cochin, India. It’s on the South-Western coast of India. Think palm trees and tropical fruit. I’m half-Filipino too. 
Relationship Status: Right now I’m dating my thesis but I will be available soon.  
Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?
Mathew Kuruvinakunnel: Not too much anymore #SeniorLife. Brandeis Student Consultancy, Squash on occasion. I used to play a lot more squash when I was on the team at Oxford (study abroad). 
HC: How long have you been working at Hiatt? 
MK: Pretty long. Third year now. 
HC: What do you do at Hiatt? 
MK: Sometimes I help people get jobs, and sometimes I answer the phone. 
HC: What are your goals for post-grad? 
MK: The realistic answer: I’m going to work for a few years and then maybe get an MBA or a PhD
The idealistic answer: Get paid obscene amounts of money and travel the world at the same time
HC: What is the best part about being involved in a fraternity? 
MK: Meeting people – all sorts of people. 
HC: Best Brandeis moment: 
MK: When I got into Oxford for my study abroad year
HC: What is a pet peeve of yours?
MK: “You’re American, right? You’re not? How is your english so good?”
“Do you know my Indian friend, [insert name here] ?” 
HC: What do you look for in a significant other?
MK: Intelligence, confidence and wit. In that order. Oh, and a love for food. 
HC: What is one thing you can’t do without in the morning?
MK: Coffee: freshly ground, french pressed, and (you guessed it) black.
Movie: Is there a movie on Archer? That would be it. 
Band/Artist: Jamie Cullum, hands down. 
Spot on campus: The Chapels, Mandel Roof in the Summer. 
Spot off campus: 137 Villa Street
Book: The Tale of the Unknown Island – José Saramago
Spot in Boston: Where the cannoli are
Celeb Crush: Hillary Clinton. JK, Penelope Cruz. 
Boxers/Briefs: Briefs. Although for bed it’s always boxers. 


I am a Junior at Brandeis University who is passionate about writing and who loves surfing the web for useful articles and having fun doing what I like. 
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