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March Madness: Brandies Edition

For many collegiates, proud alumni, and avid sports fans the month of March consists of a whirlwind of college Basketball known as March Madness. Post Selection Sunday, where the 68 teams are announced for the tournament, fans begin filling and refilling their brackets hoping to predict the final outcome of the month-long tournament. The coming weeks are spent attending watch parties, draining phone batteries by streaming, figuring out how to watch lectures and the game at the same time, and an overall roller coaster of emotions as your bracket slowly falls apart. At Brandeis though, our March Madness comes in the form of midterms and yet the emotions remain the same…

Pep Talk

“Don’t worry it’s only four midterms, that’s only like one a week…”

First Round

After that first mid-term you’re feelin’ pretty good. You had time to prepare, the motivation was high, and frankly, you went into that lecture hall and #killedit.

Second Round

After that second midterm, the fatigue started to hit. Ya might be regretting that ~almost~ all-nighter the day before but you have time to recover the next midterm is just a paper.

Sweet Sixteen

You can’t remember the last time you left the library. You know break is close but there are also so many lecture captures to watch. Are we sure that sleeping on the textbook doesn’t make you smarter?

Elite Eight

When ya need to just chill for a hot sec because it’s the week before the break but you’re supposed to have a meeting for every club, choose housing, classes, and oh yeah study for the fourth midterm of the month.

Final(s are in) Four (weeks)

When you finish that last midterm and then realize Finals are just around the corner…


“I can just sleep for all of April break right?”

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Kalianni is a Junior at Brandeis majoring in American Studies and minoring in HSSP and Legal Studies. When she isn't writing for HerCampus she can be found traveling, face timing her dog, or eating copious amounts of tacos.
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